Arras for Home

Arras For Home

Arras For Home is the latest range of products from Arras Construction Furniture, developed in particular with the needs of private individuals in mind.


We decided to launch the range with an exciting selection of organizers. These multifunctional products can be used almost anywhere in the home: in the garage, shed, storage room, utility room, or even the living quarters.

The selection we have created includes products for all of your household storage needs to simplify your daily life. The organizers are easy to install and can be mounted directly onto a wall or a rail. I

n apartments where space is at a premium, organizers offer a convenient, easy, and compact storage solution. Meanwhile, in larger homes, they are an excellent means of handy storage for accessories, tools, sports equipment, etc.

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Arras Construction Furniture

Arras Construction Furniture OÜ, established in 1999 under the name Ehitusmetall OÜ, operates as a producer and wholesaler of construction fasteners.
Today, the company has grown to become the industry leader in the domestic market and successfully exports its products to the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe. In addition to fasteners, Arras CF’s product range includes a variety of concrete accessories.

Our mission

The mission of Arras Construction Furniture OÜ is to be a reliable and innovative supplier to its partners, always taking a personalised approach. We strive to offer high-quality products and a high level of service.


The vision of Arras Construction Furniture OÜ is to achieve constant improvement and development in order to become your first stop for fasteners.

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